status (GET)



(requires v2.8 or later)

Returns the current status of a job as identified by the job token returned (as data.jobIdentifier) from a preceding /PrintPdf/print POST.

Applies to:

  • ScriptX.Services for Cloud
  • ScriptX.Services for On-Premise Devices (Authorisation header is ignored)
  • ScriptX.Services for Windows PC

Request parameters

jobToken (string, required)
The job identifier for the job being queried, as returned by a preceding POST to /PrintPdf/print.

Response model

message (string, optional)
String that may contain additional information regarding the current status of the job e.g. error description.
status (integer, optional)
Integer that indicates the current status of the job identified in the API request jobToken parameter.
Values: 0 (NotStarted), 1 (Queued), 2 (Starting), 3 (Downloading), 4 (Downloaded), 5 (Printing), 6 (Completed), 7 (Paused), 8 (PrintingPdf), 100 (Collected), 101 (CodeException), 102 (CompletedWait), -2 (Abandoned), -1 (ItemError)
jobIdentifier (string, optional)
Returns the job token as confirmation of the request this is answering.

Example usage


Response headers