Description (requires ScriptX v7.1 or later)

This method is an enhanced version of BatchPrintPDF.

Downloads Adobe AcrobatTM or Microsoft OfficeTM files and prints them out in batch mode in the background. Any number of printouts can be queued.

For Microsoft OfficeTM files, BatchPrintPDF prints only on the default printer using default settings.

For Adobe AcrobatTM files, relevant current printing settings are used as described in the syntax section.

This updated functionality now requires v7.1 or later of ScriptX and an Enhanced PDF Printing license.

Please note that the spool-size of printed PDF documents when printing with an Enhanced PDF Printing license may be larger than expected with consequences for performance. Please evaluate whether performance is acceptable.

Use IsSpooling to check if there are any outstanding downloads in the queue created by BatchPrintPDF. Use WaitForSpoolingComplete to wait for all documents to be downloaded and spooled.

BatchPrintPDFEx is equivalent to BatchPrintPDF but adds progress callbacks so that the progress of printing can be monitored.

printing.BatchPrintPDFEx(url, callback, callbackdata)

Parameter Description
url The url of the document to be printed.
callback Specifies the function to call when various events occur during the processing of the queue entry.
Syntax: callback(status,statusData,callbackdata)
Status Description
2 Processing of the request has started.
3 The document is being downloaded. The url is in statusData.
4 Document download has completed. The url of the downloaded document is in statusData.
6 The request has been completed.
7 Request processing has been paused.
8 The downloaded PDF file is being printed. More information is available in statusData.
-1 An error has occured, statusData will contain a description.
-2 The entry has been abandoned.

For Adobe AcrobatTM files and where an Enhanced PDF Printing license is available, the following printing settings are used:

These settings are used per file submitted to the batch, so each document can be printed using different settings, for example, each document to a different printer.