Represents the ScriptX object itself on an HTML page for scripting by its id. For historical reasons, we name it factory.

Note that you cannot use CreateObject() or new ActiveXObject() to call ScriptX client-side. You should call ScriptX in all client-side cases by the id of the on-page ScriptX <OBJECT>.

See Installing ScriptX on client PCs for deployment details.

In server-side or application use this object is directly created by the COM activation appropriate for the development language/tool.

Basic properties

printing, ScriptXVersion, SecurityManagerVersion

Licensed properties


Basic methods

baseUrl, ComponentVersionString, OnDocumentComplete, relativeUrl, Shutdown

Licensed methods

IsUniqueIDAvailable, ResetUniqueID, UniqueID


HTML page:

ASP.NET code behind (C#):

ASP page (VBScript):