Backwards compatibility

All releases of ScriptX are fully backwards compatible with previous releases and for advanced functionality will work with all existing publishing licenses. ScriptX works in close concert with the Microsoft Windows Web Browsing Platform and as a result is updated to work with all latest releases and patches. All code updates are free; there is never a charge for obtaining the latest code.

We strongly recommend that you keep yourself up to date with the current version of ScriptX.Add-on.

Release versions are for IE 11 and for IE 10 or earlier.

As appropriate for your deployment - update on your servers or distribute ScriptX.msi to your client PCs.

Downloads of the standard installers ( / ScriptX.msi) are available from the Developer Downloads page. The same installers are used for both free and licensed use.

If you are a licensee, please go to our customer portal for additional downloads such as x64 Editions and Merge Modules for building your own installers.

Compatibility when upgrading from Basic to Licensed versions

An important compatibility issue is that basic ScriptX printing will always prompt when called in the context of Internet Explorer's Internet Security Zone. This is done to prevent anonymous Internet content invoking printing without a prompt. Note that for the My Computer, Local Intranet and Trusted Sites Security Zones promptless printing will work.

If you need promptless printing for the Internet Security Zone, you should obtain a publishing license that will bind the deployment of ScriptX to the URL addresses from which you want to serve ScriptX-enabled content.

Compatibility and consistency of measurement units

By default ScriptX uses the units of measure set on the client machine. This is OK when pages are being authored for a known environment such as a small corporate intranet where all Regional Settings are identical, but in a broader environment users' Number settings are certain to vary. So an author should specify the SetMarginMeasure method with a value of either 1 (mm) or 2 (inches). ScriptX will then print to the margins specified regardless of -- and without affecting -- a user's default Regional Number Settings.