Consistent printing with ScriptX.Add-on and ScriptX.Services

Here you'll find comprehensive technical references, articles and other documentation to assist solution development with ScriptX.


MeadCo have made available a number of javascript helper libraries and helper code for ScriptX.Add‑on as well as a library to enable existing code written for the add-on to work with ScriptX.Services.

All libraries are available in our Github pages

  • MeadCoScriptXJS A library for use with MeadCo's ScriptX Add-on and/or ScriptX.Services and that hides the differences so that single source javascript can be used with both.
  • ScriptX.Print.Client Javascript libraries for interacting with MeadCo's ScriptX.Print.Server APIs and also including emulation of the ScriptX.Addon APIs.
  • ThenToNow - A sample showing the migration from a very simple page using ScriptX.Add-on to being able to work anywhere with ScriptX.Services using the libraries referenced above.