Prints the contents of the specified window or frame using the current printing settings.

This method is part of the basic freely-distributable printing subset.

However, the acquisition of a MeadCo Publishing License means that you can customize various printing properties such as copies, duplex, paperSize, printBackground etc., target a specific printer or print externally-located documents with PrintHTML. See HTML Printing with ScriptX for more info.


bResult = printing.Print([prompt[, frameOrWindow]])

Returns false if printing with a prompt and the user cancels the printing.

Parameter Description
prompt [Optional] (Bool) whether or not to prompt. Ignored in the Internet Zone unless a Publishing License is available.
frameOrWindow [Optional] (Object or String) HTML frame (within the containing page that hosts the ScriptX object) to print; either an object or the frame's (String) identifier. By default, the containing page that hosts the ScriptX object will be printed.

Please note that for promptless printing to work in the Internet Zone a Publishing License is required. This is done to prevent anonymous Internet content invoking printing without a prompt.


The following simple but complete example shows how to print the containing page: