ScriptX.Add‑on upgrade for existing users

If you are a user with Microsoft Internet Explorer and you want to upgrade your install of ScriptX.Add‑on, please click the button below.


Services for developers

Deploy or upgrade ScriptX.Add‑on or take a look at ScriptX.Services, our new cross-browser solution.
Licensees are entitled to unlimited direct-to-company email support at no additional charge. Community discussion is available on GitHub.

Evaluate ScriptX on a development machine

  • ScriptX.Add‑on can be fully tested with a free evaluation license on content served from the local website (http://localhost/).

    ScriptX.Services can be fully tested using the Cloud‑hosted service on content served from a publicly available website (for example a test site you host on Azure or AWS). The Cloud service is free.

    This allows you to fully evaluate and test ScriptX, including all the licensed features, before purchasing a publishing license.

Deploy ScriptX to users' client PCs

  • ScriptX.Add‑on can be deployed using either browser-based deployment or Administrator pre-install. Both deployment strategies are discussed in the developer kit documentation and in our Knowledge Bank.

    Deployment of ScriptX.Services on-premise service involves installing two applications/servers, the creation of a user account for the service and configuration of the server with the account. ScriptX.Services on-premise service requires Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS) version 7.5 or later.

Upgrade ScriptX for free or licensed use