print (POST)



(requires v2.9 or later)

Print string content such as ZPL commands directly to printer.

See also the OpenAPI (Swagger) definition.

Applies to:

  • ScriptX.Services for Cloud - the API is implemented for illiustration purpose but no print occurs - an error is returned.
  • ScriptX.Services for On-Premise Devices (Authorisation header is ignored)
  • ScriptX.Services for Windows PC

Request parameters

contentType (integer, required)
Defines for the print server the type of content to be printed.
1 (Url - the content parameter will contain the URL of the content to be printed)
8 (String - the content parameter will contain the string to print)
content (string, required)
The content to be printed, corresponding to contentType value above. Either a URL or a string.
printerName (string, optional)
Name of the printer/device on the server to send the content to directly. If not specified then the service default printer is used.

Response model

status (integer, optional)
Code indicating initial status of the print. 3 (Soft error), 4 (Ok - printed and complete)
jobIdentifier (string, optional)
Direct printing is not asynchronous at the server, no job is queued and so no job identifier is returned. The value is always an empty string.
Returns error message if status is 3, otherwise returns empty string.

Example usage