Represents the direct printing from within Internet Explorer functionality of ScriptX. Version 6.3.436 or later of ScriptX is required.

Note: Direct printing is a cost-option which can be enabled on a ‘standard’ client-side license for an additional fee - see Pricing & Licensing options.

Direct printing allows for printing to programmable devices such as thermal label printers, whereby a label string can be sent directly to the printer. The Internet Explorer print engine is not used and takes no part in the process. The functionality available from rawPrinting is completely separate from that available from the printing object, and for this reason settings such as printer, paperSize, orientation etc. that may have been set on the printing object for Internet Explorer do not apply to the rawPrinting object.

NOTE: rawPrinting is not supported in any form of usage outside of Internet Explorer.


raw = factory.rawPrinting

Licensed properties

printer (direct printing)

Licensed methods

printString, printDocument