Enhanced formatting provides for finer control over the headings and footers by allowing HTML snippets to be used, and for an enhanced page range specification.

Enhanced formatting requires ScriptX v7 or later and Internet Explorer 8 or later. It is a replacement for MaxiPT. MaxiPT is still available for those still dealing with older browsers.

Enhanced formatting is a cost option addition to the license, it is not covered by a standard Advanced Printing license. Please seee Pricing & Licensing for details.

IMPORTANT NOTE: IE 8 document mode can lead to unreliable pagination in IE 8 and later. If problems are encountered, it is recommended that the document is forced to either IE 7 or ‘standards mode’ for IE 9 and later (giving IE 9 document mode in IE 9, IE10 mode in IE10 etc).


ef = factory.printing.enhancedFormatting

Licensed properties

allFooterHeight, allHeaderHeight, allPagesFooter,allPagesHeader, extraFirstFooterHeight, extraFirstPageFooter, firstFooterHeight, firstHeaderHeight, firstPageFooter, firstPageHeader, pageRange, printingPass