Sets the page selection to print.


printing.SetPageRange(selectionOnly[, from, to])
Parameter Description
selectionOnly If true, prints the highlighted selection only (if there is one) and from and to are ignored.
If there is no selection, all pages are printed.
from [Optional] The (1-based) page number to start printing from - use 0 to signify all pages should be printed. Only used if selectionOnly is false.
selectionOnly [Optional] The (1-based) page number to print to, only used if selectionOnly is false and from is >=1.

Default behaviour is SetPageRange(false,0)

Additional notes

ScriptX v7 provides the TotalPrintPages() method for determining the number of pages that will be printed. With ScriptX 7 enhanced formatting you can specify arbitrary page ranges, as well as only odd, even or both odd and even pages.