Returns the attributes of the printer; can be any reasonable combination of the values below.

This is a read-only property.


attributes = printerControl.attributes


Name Value Meaning
PRINTER_ATTRIBUTE_DEFAULT 0x00000004 Windows 95/98/Me: Indicates the printer is the default printer in the system.
PRINTER_ATTRIBUTE_DIRECT 0x00000002 Job is sent directly to the printer (it is not spooled).
PRINTER_ATTRIBUTE_DO_COMPLETE_FIRST 0x00000200 If set and printer is set for print-while-spooling, any jobs that have completed spooling are scheduled to print before jobs that have not completed spooling.
PRINTER_ATTRIBUTE_ENABLE_BIDI 0x00000800 Windows 95/98/Me: Indicates whether bi-directional communications are enabled for the printer.
PRINTER_ATTRIBUTE_FAX 0x00004000 Windows XP: If set, printer is a fax printer. 
PRINTER_ATTRIBUTE_KEEPPRINTEDJOBS 0x00000100 If set, jobs are kept after they are printed. If unset, jobs are deleted.
PRINTER_ATTRIBUTE_QUEUED 0x00000001 If set, the printer spools and starts printing after the last page is spooled. If not set and PRINTER_ATTRIBUTE_DIRECT is not set, the printer spools and prints while spooling.
PRINTER_ATTRIBUTE_SHARED 0x00000008 Printer is shared.
PRINTER_ATTRIBUTE_WORK_OFFLINE 0x00000400 Windows 95/98/Me: Indicates whether the printer is currently connected. If the printer is not currently connected, print jobs will continue to spool.
PRINTER_ATTRIBUTE_PUBLISHED 0x00002000 Windows 2000/XP: Indicates whether the printer is published in the directory service.
PRINTER_ATTRIBUTE_NETWORK 0x00000010 Printer is a network printer connection.
PRINTER_ATTRIBUTE_LOCAL 0x00000040 Printer is a local printer.
PRINTER_ATTRIBUTE_RAW_ONLY 0x00001000 Indicates that only raw data type print jobs can be spooled.