download (GET)



(requires v2.8 or later)

Use this request to download the output PDF document from a preceding /PrintPdf/print POST request, as identified by the job token returned as data.jobIdentifier.

When a call to /PrintPdf/print returns a status value of 2 (QueuedToFile) use /PrintPdf/status to poll the service. Subsequently when a call to /PrintPdf/status returns 6 (completed) use /PrintPdf/download to download the finished PDF.

See also the OpenAPI (Swagger) definition.

Applies to:

  • ScriptX.Services for Cloud
  • ScriptX.Services for On-Premise Devices (Authorisation header is ignored)*
  • ScriptX.Services for Windows PC*

* Applies only when printing to a default or specified PDF printer driver

Request parameters

jobToken (string, required)
The job identifier for the job to be downloaded, as returned by a preceding POST to /PrintPdf/print.

Example usage