International Online S.A.

Based in Athens, Greece, International Online S.A. is a software development and deployment company with local and international exposure. International Online develops complex custom business applications such as integrated insurance, transport and travel systems, and healthcare IT.

International Online has been using the ScriptX browser add-on for over ten years to enable web-based applications to employ the user interface technology (html) in printing. This is mostly for large-scale printouts for insurance companies and quality control systems for biomedical laboratories. These include printing insurance contracts for life and non-life products, which may span anything from one to dozens of pages each.

Paris Marinakis, IT Director at International Online S.A., said: “We tried using custom code on line printers. We then tested the free version of ScriptX and, after a trial period, we actively purchased a licence.

“ScriptX has impacted productivity extremely positively. For example, we have written print-specific web applications, enabled by ScriptX, which can span pools of printers, supervised by just one person. Also, once a web application’s printable pages are ready for the user interface, they are ready for hard-copy printing too.”

“ScriptX has impacted productivity extremely positively.”
Paris Marinakis, IT Director at International Online S.A.

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