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Developed to bring consistent print formatting and appearance to browser printed documents. Here are some of the reasons to choose ScriptX.Services:

ScriptX.Services browser-based printing solution

ensuring that printed output is always the same

Whether you’re printing legal documents, wristbands or product labels you need to guarantee that your documents look consistent and professional, no matter the device.

ScriptX is the browser-based printing solution for Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari that guarantees every document that your organisation prints is identical, every single time it’s printed. Our software gives you total control over all your organisational document printing operations, wherever in the world you are.

Works in every browser:

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ScriptX.Services Features

Define printed header, footer, margins and orientation from script

Select printer, paper source and paper size for all devices

Identify all printers & their resources

Control printer properties and the print queue

Perform background printing

Set page range, margin

Experience promptless printing print HTML and PDF without showing the browser print dialog

Print direct to label and thermal printers using RAW printing capabilities

Print browser-based data from any mobile device equipped with a web browser

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All ScriptX.Services licenses include these powerful options as standard:

Enhanced Formatting

For finer control over formatting, the Enhanced formatting option enables highly customised, personalised, and professional printing of browser‑based content.

Enhanced formatting allows HTML snippets to be used within headers and footers, as well as delivering an enhanced page range specification.

Benefits of Enhanced formatting:

Allows HTML snippets/images to be easily incorporated within headers and footers

Different headers and footers on the first page

Provides ability to vary header or footer dimensions for all pages or first pages only

Gives greater control over page range specification

Enhanced PDF Working

Provides a high degree of programmatic control over the printing of web‑based Adobe Acrobat documents

ScriptX.Services Enhanced PDF Working provides organisations with a high degree of programmatic control over the printing of web‑based Adobe Acrobat documents from browsers. This improves the batching, appearance, and consistency of printed PDFs.

Benefits of Enhanced PDF Working:

Enables the scripting of print-related settings within HTML so that PDFs automatically match printer page size, including shrinking documents to fit, rotating and centring

Allows straightforward batch printing, with progress call-backs so that PDF printing can be monitored across the enterprise

Client machines do not need to install Adobe Acrobat Reader, increasing efficiency, simplifying administration and tightening security

Downloads Adobe Acrobat (.PDF) files and prints them out in batch mode in the background

Any number of printouts can be queued, providing a scalable printing solution

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Direct (RAW) Printing

The RAW printing option provides printing to programmable devices such as thermal label printers

With RAW print you can send EPL, ZPL control language or even strings of printer control codes directly to the printer.

Benefits of RAW Printing:

Enables specialist printing scenarios in applications such as EPOS, packaging, and health care

Faster printing as it uses the intelligence within programmable thermal label printers to interpret the specified text sent directly to the printer

Brings the advantages of web-based applications to these scenarios

Direct printing provides more control and reliability than printing of HTML via a browser

Silent License

Silent license installation minimises support calls by auto‑installing licenses within the enterprise

Silent license installation defeats the publishing license’s mandatory display/acceptance routine, saving IT support calls and increasing efficiency.

Benefits of Silent License Installation:

Auto-installs ScriptX.Services licenses on client machines without the need for user involvement

Increases efficiency by dramatically reducing support desk calls

Removes possibility of user error, such as refusing to accept the license which will then lead to application failures when licensed methods and properties are accessed

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