Printed output not as you expected?

With ScriptX every browser's settings can be scripted for specific documents so that printed output is always identical. The same margins, header and footer strings, orientation, scale, paper size and source, target printer, etc., for all types of printing.

ScriptX is trusted by:
  • dovetail
  • amiee-lynn
  • prudential
  • expo-logic
  • marshalls

Consistent printing with ScriptX

ScriptX guarantees consistent printing of browser-hosted documents organisation-wide. From legal or financial documents to labels, wristbands, barcodes, tickets and more, ScriptX enables standardised printing from local or networked PCs and mobile devices.

  • Define printed header, footer, margins & orientation from script
  • Select printer, paperSource & paperSize
  • Enumerate printers & their resources
  • Determine a range of printer properties & control the print queue
  • Perform background printing
  • Set page range, margin measure, print scale & preview zoom
  • Promptless printing - print HTML and PDF documents without showing the browser print dialog
  • Print directly to label and thermal printers using ScriptX’s RAW printing capabilities
  • Print browser-based data from any mobile device equipped with a web browser
  • And more ...
  • “Very easy to install and highly customisable. It gives us central control of specific printing options on our intranet.”
  • “Easy to implement in a way that is transparent to the user.”
  • “Every user prints over 1,000 pages every month, making a total of 25.2 million pages printed using ScriptX every year across our customer base.”
  • “Central to our methodology and a core component of our system.”
  • “Gives us full control over the printing of badges and tickets without impacting the design.”
  • “Capable of far more than we use it for.”
  • “Enables our software to do something that is otherwise impossible, or at least totally uneconomical.”
  • “Increases the number of labels printed by reducing the time it takes to print them. For us this equates to average yearly savings per capita of over US$4.5k.”
  • “We have written print-specific web applications enabled by ScriptX which can span pools of printers, supervised by just one person.”
  • “Has hugely enhanced productivity through faster application development.”
  • “The impact on our productivity has been extremely positive.”
  • “Support has been outstanding. In the one instance when an issue occurred, a total solution was provided within 24 hours.”
  • “Easy to install and we have found the customer service experience to be prompt, personal and very helpful.”
  • “Support is fantastic, very responsive and awesome to deal with.”
  • “We reported a bug and it was hot-fixed within days. MeadCo is the only vendor from whom we have ever received such prompt and reactive support.”
  • “We have found the customer support to be great, fast, and timely.”

Which version is right for me?

The ScriptX product you need will be determined by the browser type that you are targeting. Both versions are available in a number of license types. Select the product suitable for your browser to find out more.

New ScriptX.Services

Our evolving cross-browser solution, printing across the cloud and to devices connected to on-premise servers or to individual PC workstations.

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The original and still the best in any environment where Internet Explorer on Windows PCs is your default.

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