Hazmat Software

As a transportation management software company, Hazmat Software develops web and mobile enterprise-level hazmat-enabled technologies for hazardous materials management and shipping. Based in Florida, USA, the company serves over 5000 customers of all sizes, including some of fortune 500's largest companies.

Hazmat Software’s customers print shipping labels for UPS and FedEx from its website and needed a streamlined way to generate them without a print preview. Hazmat Software tried other print solutions before purchasing a licence for ScriptX, which they have now been happily using for five years.  

Luis Zambrana, President, Hazmat Software LLC, explains: “ScriptX eliminates several steps by helping us send the labels directly to the printer. It enables us to control several variables to ensure correct alignment. This is particularly useful for the printing of shipping labels and increases productivity by reducing keystrokes.

“Essentially, ScriptX increases the number of labels printed by reducing the time it takes to print them. Our users save around 50 seconds per label. The average user prints around 75 labels a day, saving just over one hour per day. With the average hazmat-certified shipper salary being $18.00 USD per hour, this equates to average yearly savings per capita of about $4,680.00 USD.”

Hazmat Software says ScriptX was very easy to install and that the customer support from MeadCo has been excellent.

“ScriptX eliminates several steps by helping us send the labels directly to the printer.”
Luis Zambrana, President, Hazmat Software LLC

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