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The leading toolset designed to address the challenges of promptless printing and formatting control from web based applications.

ScriptX is a server with an open API and javascript code on the client combining in a seamless solution for enhancing the printing capabilities available from web browsers.

Print smarter, not harder with ScriptX

Easily specify parameters to get the perfect print output

Works in every browser:

Add ScriptX to your web application

The ScriptX.Services server must be available, it may be on an individual PC, an on premise server or the cloud. ScriptX.Services for Windows PC can be downloaded and tested without any need to sign up.

The client part of ScriptX.Services is written entirely in javascript, supports all modern web-browsers and is delivered to client web-browsers using the <script> tag.  Modules are available for download from Github or can be referenced via a cdn.

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Take control by selecting printer, paper source and paper size

Ensure the correct printer is always selected

List the available printers and allow users to select the printer to use, alternatively lockdown a specific printer use even if the user has different default printer.

Unleash the power of RAW capabilities and print direct to label or thermal printers

Print labels defined by a string of commands

Send streams of printer control code in common languages such as ZPL. Select a printer and send the code from a url, the possibilities are endless.

See the full list of ScriptX code and samples in our knowledge base:

Print remote HTML document

Download and print a document without displaying it in the browser

ScriptX provides an enhanced printing experience for HTML documents. When the PrintHTML() method is used, headers, footers, paper size and presentation properties are used to print the downloaded document.

Print PDF document

Synchronously print a single PDF format file using the PrintPDF() API

Specify the URL of the PDF document to be printed, the printer can be chosen by the user by utilising prompted printing. We recommend using one of the BatchPrint APIs.  


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