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Based in Malta, TixPoint provides cloud-based ticketing and admission services around the world. Clients include sporting venues, entertainments, theatres, and tourist attractions.

CEO Dr. David Pollina said: “We have been using ScriptX as an integration in our ticketing solution for over 10 years now, to provide software-based control for printing of tickets and badges within the TixPoint system. The control allows us to provide a simple and consistent printed output, regardless of the client system settings.”

“ScriptX is central to our methodology and a core component of our system,” continued Dr Pollina. “It allows us to achieve centralised control of print variables on admission tickets and plastic card printing for events.”

Dr Pollina actively purchased ScriptX when the TixPoint system was developed, having examined other potential solutions. TixPoint found it easy to install, an aspect that was essential as, since the company is a cloud-based (browser) service, ScriptX is the one component its clients have to install to utilise the TixPoint system.

“On the rare occasions we have needed support,” said Dr Pollina, “Jerry and MeadCo have been simply fabulous – prompt and very helpful.”

“Jerry and MeadCo have been simply fabulous – prompt and very helpful.”
Dr. David Pollina, CEO , Pointsys TixPoint.com

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