CompSol Corporation, USA

CompSol Corporation, based in Michigan, USA, provides all-inclusive badging services for large companies, using the latest technology for capturing badge-holder data and photographs, maintaining access categories, printing badges, and storing text and photo data.

The company has been using ScriptX in its badging software for 12 years. ScriptX provides a solution for printing visitor passes from a web-based visitor system installed at client sites around the world. It allows CompSol to control printers and format printouts in a way that is not possible with browser-native print command.

“We print building-access passes on card stock, with bar codes printed at the bottom edge,” explains Margret McDermott, Owner, Vice President and software developer at CompSol Corporation. “To unlock doors at our client’s facilities, visitors swipe the pass through a reader next to a door. For this to work smoothly, the bar code must be printed at a precise location and be sized properly. We use the ScriptX margin, header, footer, SetPrintScale, portrait, and paperSize properties to do this.”

CompSol said ScriptX was easy to install and found the customer service experience to be prompt, personal and very helpful.

“ScriptX is easy to install, and we have found the customer service experience to be prompt, personal and very helpful.”
Margret McDermott, Owner and Vice President, Compsol

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