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ScriptX by Meadroid guarantees consistent print quality for your web app. From fonts to formatting, gain full control over printing accuracy and deliver professional results.

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In the digital age, web applications have become an integral part of our daily lives, aiding in our various tasks and interactions. However, one area that continues to pose challenges for developers and users alike is accurate printing from web apps. Ensuring that your web app’s content is faithfully reproduced physically can be a daunting task.

This is where ScriptX from Meadroid comes into play, offering a solution designed to enhance the printing capabilities of your web application.

In many industries and professions, the need for accurate and reliable information and web application printing is crucial. Whether it’s generating invoices, producing shipping labels, or generating legal documents, the output should perfectly reflect the content displayed on the web app.

Without reliable printing capabilities, businesses may encounter financial losses, legal complications, and customer dissatisfaction. To address these concerns, Meadroid developed ScriptX as a comprehensive solution.

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The importance of accurate printing for your web application

ScriptX is the best web to print software for your fixed formatting needs

ScriptX.Services Features

Customizable headers and footers for professional-looking printed pages.

Adjust print scaling and pagination to maintain consistent layouts across browsers.

Precise control over print formatting for accurate output in web apps.

Enhanced security and compliance with print-related restrictions and privacy measures.

Seamless integration into existing web apps for easy implementation and use.

Eliminates variations in print layouts caused by different browser settings.

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Overcoming everyday challenges when printing from web applications

Streamlining print formatting for web app e-commerce platform

Challenge: A popular e-commerce platform, faced consistent print formatting issues when customers attempted to print order confirmations and invoices. The web application’s default printing functionality resulted in distorted layouts and inconsistent formatting across different browsers.

Solution: By implementing ScriptX from Meadroid, they successfully addressed these print formatting challenges. ScriptX provided granular control over the print output, enabling the customisation of page headers, footers, margins, and other elements. Additionally, ScriptX ensured consistent print results across various browsers, eliminating the need for manual adjustments.

Results: With ScriptX, they achieved a significant improvement in print formatting accuracy. Customers could now print order confirmations and invoices without any distortion or missing content. This enhanced the professional image of the online store and improved customer satisfaction.

Custom print options for healthcare patient records

Challenge: A Hospital’s web-based patient management system required the ability to print patient records with specific custom options, such as selecting the output printer, setting print orientations, and including hospital logos in the header. The standard print functionality of the web application lacked these essential customisation features, causing inconvenience and inefficiency for healthcare professionals.

Solution: Implementing ScriptX from Meadroid, they seamlessly integrated custom print options into their web-based patient management system. ScriptX enabled healthcare professionals to bypass print orientation (portrait or landscape) settings and automatically include logos in the header, ensuring consistent branding.

Results: With ScriptX, they significantly improved the print experience within their web application. Healthcare specialists could now print patient records with ease, ensuring consistent formatting across different browsers. This streamlined the documentation process, saving time and improving overall productivity within the hospital.

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pricing and license options

All ScriptX.Services licenses include these powerful options as standard:

Enhanced Formatting

For finer control over formatting, the Enhanced formatting option enables highly customised, personalised, and professional printing of browser‑based content.

Enhanced formatting allows HTML snippets to be used within headers and footers, as well as delivering an enhanced page range specification.

Benefits of Enhanced formatting:

Allows HTML snippets/images to be easily incorporated within headers and footers

Different headers and footers on the first page

Provides ability to vary header or footer dimensions for all pages or first pages only

Gives greater control over page range specification

Direct (RAW) Printing

The RAW printing option provides printing to programmable devices such as thermal label printers

With RAW print you can send EPL, ZPL control language or even strings of printer control codes directly to the printer.

Benefits of RAW Printing:

Enables specialist printing scenarios in applications such as EPOS, packaging, and health care

Faster printing as it uses the intelligence within programmable thermal label printers to interpret the specified text sent directly to the printer

Brings the advantages of web-based applications to these scenarios

Direct printing provides more control and reliability than printing of HTML via a browser

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pricing and license options