ScriptX.Add‑on upgrade for existing users

If you are a user with Microsoft Internet Explorer and you want to upgrade your install of ScriptX.Add‑on, please click the button below.


ScriptX.Services for Windows PC upgrade

If you are a ScriptX.Services for Windows PC user looking to upgrade your currently installed version, please click the button below.


Services for developers

Deploy or upgrade ScriptX.Add‑on or take a look at ScriptX.Services, our new cross-browser solution.
Licensees are entitled to unlimited direct-to-company email support at no additional charge. Community discussion is available on GitHub.

Evaluate ScriptX on a development machine

  • ScriptX.Add‑on can be fully tested with a free evaluation license on content served from the local website (http://localhost/).

    ScriptX.Services can be fully tested using the Cloud‑hosted service on content served from a publicly available website (for example a test site you host on Azure or AWS). The Cloud service is free.

    This allows you to fully evaluate and test ScriptX, including all the licensed features, before purchasing a publishing license.

Deploy ScriptX to users' client PCs

  • ScriptX.Add‑on can be deployed using either browser-based deployment or Administrator pre-install. Both deployment strategies are discussed in the developer kit documentation and in our Knowledge Bank.

    Deployment of ScriptX.Services for On-Premise Devices involves installing two applications/servers, the creation of a user account for the service and configuration of the server with the account. ScriptX.Services for On-Premise Devices requires Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS) version 7.5 or later.

Upgrade ScriptX for free or licensed use

  • The latest versions of ScriptX.Services for Windows PC and ScriptX.Services for On-Premise Devices components can be downloaded here.

    Licensees of ScriptX.Add‑on should download the Licensee Resource Kit from the My MeadCo portal. Developers using the free functionality should obtain the latest Developer Resource kit.

    If you are a user looking to upgrade ScriptX.Add‑on, please see User upgrade to current version .