Silent license installation

For security reasons, ScriptX requires users to manually accept licensing conditions that are displayed the first time they visit a licensed address or page. The Silent license installation option automatically accepts the license on behalf of the user, resulting in a cleaner user experience and a more robust license installation process.

When rolling out ScriptX across thousands of client computers, the license acceptance dialog can result in large numbers of support calls from unsure users concerned about security. Silent license installation defeats the publishing license's mandatory display/acceptance routine, reducing IT support calls and increasing efficiency.

The Silent license installation option is a paid-for option for ScriptX.Add-on and is included free of charge with all ScriptX.Services for Windows PC licenses.


Silent license installation is only applicable for users of the Windows PC version of ScriptX.Services. The license for a server running ScriptX.Services for On-Premise Devices is installed using the server dashboard as described in How to install ScriptX.Services for On-Premise Devices.

Note that Silent license installation only installs the license - installation of the ScriptX.Services software must be done ‘manually’ using the MSI installer provided here. The MSI installer can be used to distribute and install the software across your organisation in the usual manner.


Please note that Silent license installation has no effect on the standard installation of the ScriptX software from We have no code on a user's machine on their first‑ever visit to ScriptX‑enabled content, so the download and installation of the ScriptX binaries has to be handled by Internet Explorer's standard Authenticode security mechanism. However, as a licensee you also have access to the My MeadCo Portal from where you can download both MSI‑based installers and a merge module to enable distribution and installation of the software by means appropriate to your organisation.

Benefits of Silent license installation
  • Auto‑installs ScriptX licenses on client machines without the need for user involvement
  • License renewal updates are totally transparent to the end user
  • Increases efficiency by dramatically reducing calls to the support desk
  • Removes the possibility of user error, such as refusing to accept the license which will then lead to application failures when licensed methods and properties are accessed
  • Pays for itself quickly on larger intranets through lower support costs (ScriptX.Add-on)