Enhanced PDF working

Organisations rely on information stored in millions of Adobe Acrobat documents within their enterprises. However printing PDFs from within the browser provides little control of print settings and appearance, and for Internet Explorer requires the installation of Adobe Acrobat software on every client computer.

The Enhanced PDF working option solves these issues, by providing organisations with a high degree of programmatic control over the printing of web‑based Adobe Acrobat documents from web browser clients within the enterprise (any modern browser using ScriptX.Services, or Internet Explorer only using ScriptX.Add-on). This improves the batching, appearance and consistency of printed PDFs. No Adobe software is required on the client PC.

Benefits of Enhanced PDF working
  • Enables the scripting of print‑related settings within HTML so that PDFs automatically match printer page size, including shrinking documents to fit, rotating and centring
  • Allows straightforward batch printing, with progress callbacks so that PDF printing can be monitored across the enterprise
  • Simpler to program for than using Adobe Acrobat itself and easier for users
  • Client machines do not need to install Adobe Acrobat Reader, increasing efficiency, simplifying administration and tightening security
  • Downloads Adobe Acrobat (.PDF) files and prints them out in batch mode in the background
  • Any number of print‑outs can be queued, providing a scalable printing solution

Please note that the spool-size of printed PDF documents may be larger than expected with consequences for performance. Please evaluate performance is acceptable.

Technical specifications

The following printing settings can be used:

Note: these settings are available to ScriptX.Services developers using  Meadco's ScriptX.Add-on emulation javascript libraries or as Ajax call parameters using the REST API approach.


ScriptX.Add-on: see PrintPDF and BatchPrintPDFEx in the Technical Reference. These methods are also available to ScriptX.Services developers using the  ScriptX.Add-on emulation javascript libraries.

ScriptX.Services (REST API): see PrintPdf in the Technical Reference.


Take a look at the source code of the Enhanced PDF working sample.