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The default period of validity for all classes of license is one year.

For Cloud - FREE

An easy way to provide a “download this page as a PDF/XPS document” facility on your website. Users can then open, save or print the file.

But, if you need to ensure confidentiality or print to a local on‑premise printer, then you need our On‑Premise Service.

  • Give it a try! You can always upgrade your license later to print to printers and devices in your own premises.

For On‑Premise Devices

Fully functional ScriptX‑enabled content for any browser, any device.

Completely under your control, a frictionless service for the user, with nothing for them to install. Provides printing to any print device available to a departmental server.

Print to a local or networked printer available to the ScriptX.Services server hosted on Windows Server 2012 or later or suitable Workstation (IIS).

  • Validation of a single Production and single Development server. A single server can support any number of web apps.

For Windows PC

Closest to ScriptX.Add‑On, ScriptX.Services for Windows PC provides fully-functional ScriptX‑enabled content for any browser. Print to a local or networked printer.

Ideal for deployment with web applications hosted in any browser (IE, Edge, Chrome, Firefox) on a Windows PC.

Full scripted control of the printing experience including choice of the output printer, orientation, page header and footers etc., and initiation of printing.

ScriptX.Services for Windows PC is planned for Q4 2018.

These additional features are included with this class of ScriptX.Services license

Only available as cost options for ScriptX.Add‑On, these powerful options come as standard with ScriptX.Services.

  • For finer control over formatting, the Enhanced formatting option enables highly customised, personalised and professional printing of browser‑based content.

    Enhanced formatting allows HTML snippets to be used within headers and footers, as well as delivering an enhanced page range specification.

    Benefits of Enhanced formatting:

    • Allows HTML snippets/images to be easily incorporated within headers and footers
    • Different headers and footers on the first page
    • Provides ability to vary header or footer dimensions for all pages or first pages only
    • Gives greater control over page range specification
  • Direct (RAW) printing

    The Direct (RAW) printing option provides for printing to programmable devices such as thermal label printers.

    It enables sending EPL or ZPL control language or strings of printer control codes directly to the printer.

    Benefits of Direct (RAW) printing:

    • Enables specialist printing scenarios in applications such as EPOS, packaging and health care
    • Faster printing as it uses the intelligence within programmable thermal label printers to interpret the specified text sent directly to the printer
    • Brings the advantanges of web based applications to these scenarios
    • Accuracy: direct printing provides more control and reliability than printing of HTML via the Internet Explorer print engine

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ScriptX.Add‑on is our original solution to your printing conundrums and runs on Internet Explorer 6 to 11.

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