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The default period of validity for all classes of license is one year.

FREE basic license

Basic functionality enables the setting of header & footer, orientation and margins, and the printing of browser window or framed content.

A great starting point, and if it's not enough for your needs, simply upgrade when you're ready.

Available free of charge and freely distributable, our basic license offers limited control of print output.

  • Give it a try! You can always upgrade your license later to gain more control.

For Internet Explorer

Fully-functional ScriptX‑enabled content for internet, intranet and extranet users and visitors. Print to a local or networked printer.

Ideal for deployment with web applications hosted within Internet Explorer. Full scripted control of the printing experience including choice of the output printer, orientation, page header and footers etc and initiation of printing.

HTML pages delivered from your licensed URLs to Internet Explorer use javascript to provide a fully controlled print experience.

  • Validation for up to 10 discrete root URLs owned by or operated as a single corporate, institutional or trading entity. URLs can be any combination of dotted/dotless names or numeric IPs.
  • Validation for one root domain address such as http(s)://*
  • Validation for unlimited address masks owned by or operated as a single corporate, institutional or trading entity.

For Windows Applications

For when you wish to incorporate licensed ScriptX functionality into a single Windows (VB, VB.NET/C#, etc) executable.

Offers more scenarios including printing content from an embedded web browser control; printing content created on the fly; and printing content from a web service.

ScriptX can be used by any application that supports the use of COM components. This includes desktop and console applications, or even a service.

  • Validation for a single named executable.

Don't miss these additional features

Powerful options to extend ScriptX to meet specific needs, including enhanced Adobe PDF printing, enhanced formatting, direct label printing and silent license installation.

  • Provides print formatting capabilities that are significantly more flexible and powerful than Internet Explorer's standard offering.

    For organisations looking for finer control over formatting, the Enhanced formatting option enables highly customised, personalised and professional printing of browser-based content. Enhanced formatting allows HTML snippets to be used within headers and footers, as well as delivering an enhanced page range specification.

    Enhanced formatting requires ScriptX v7 or later and Internet Explorer 8 or later. It is a replacement for MaxiPT. MaxiPT is still available for those still dealing with older browsers.

    Benefits of Enhanced formatting:

    • Allows HTML snippets/images to be easily incorporated within headers and footers
    • Different headers and footers on the first page
    • Provides ability to vary header or footer dimensions for all pages or first pages only
    • Gives greater control over page range specification
  • Provides a high degree of programmatic control over the printing of web‑based Adobe Acrobat documents.

    Organisations rely on information stored in millions of Adobe Acrobat documents within their enterprises. However printing PDFs from within Internet Explorer requires the installation of Adobe Acrobat Reader on every client computer and provides little control of print settings and appearance.

    The ScriptX Enhanced PDF Working option solves these issues, by providing organisations with a high degree of programmatic control over the printing of web‑based Adobe Acrobat documents through Microsoft Internet Explorer clients within the enterprise. This improves the batching, appearance and consistency of printed PDFs. No Adobe software is required on the client PC.

    Benefits of Enhanced PDF working:

    • Enables the scripting of print-related settings within HTML so that PDFs automatically match printer page size, including shrinking documents to fit, rotating and centring
    • Allows straightforward batch printing, with progress callbacks so that PDF printing can be monitored across the enterprise
    • Simpler to program for than using Adobe Acrobat itself and easier for users
    • Client machines do not need to install Adobe Acrobat Reader, increasing efficiency, simplifying administration and tightening security
    • Downloads Adobe Acrobat (.PDF) files and prints them out in batch mode in the background
    • Any number of print-outs can be queued, providing a scalable printing solution

    Please note that the spool-size of printed PDF documents may be larger than expected with consequences for performance. Please evaluate performance is acceptable.

  • The Direct (RAW) printing option has been specially created to allow printing to programmable devices such as thermal label printers. It bypasses the Internet Explorer print engine to enable sending EPL or ZPL control language or strings of printer control codes directly to the printer.

    This brings many specialist printing scenarios to web based applications that are hosted in Windows Internet Explorer or applications using the Windows Web Browser platform.

    Hundreds of organisations rely on ScriptX to print mission critical labels. Making this process simple, straightforward and efficient for users is vital to avoid wastage and speed up printing.

    Benefits of Direct (RAW) printing:

    • Enables specialist printing scenarios in applications such as EPOS, packaging and health care
    • Faster printing as it uses the intelligence within programmable thermal label printers to interpret the specified text sent directly to the printer
    • Brings the advantanges of web based applications to these scenarios
    • Accuracy: direct printing provides more control and reliability than printing of HTML via the Internet Explorer print engine
  • Silent license installation minimises support calls by auto‑installing licenses within the enterprise, without the need for the user to become involved.

    Silent license installation defeats the publishing license's mandatory display/acceptance routine, saving IT support call and increasing efficiency. It solely works on internal web addresses and for security reasons cannot be enabled on those licenses whose validation list includes any publicly‑accessible Internet addresses.

    Please note that Silent license installation has no effect on the standard installation of the ScriptX software from We have no code on a user's machine on their first‑ever visit to ScriptX‑enabled content, so the download and installation of the ScriptX binaries has to be handled by Internet Explorer's standard Authenticode security mechanism. However, as a licensee you also have access to the ScriptX Licensee Resource Kit which includes both MSI based installers and a merge module to enable distribution and installation of the software by means appropriate to your organisation.

    Benefits of Silent license installation:

    • Auto-installs ScriptX licenses on client machines without the need for user involvement
    • Increases efficiency by dramatically reducing calls to the support desk
    • Removes possibility of user error, such as refusing to accept the license which will then lead to application failures when licensed methods and properties are accessed
    • Pays for itself quickly on larger intranets, through lower support costs
  • Licensed locations are available in blocks of 10 with the initial license including a single block of 10.

    The licensed locations (URLs) from which licensed features are usable can be extended at any time. There are additional costs for more blocks:

    Additional discrete root address masks (10)
    Additional blocks of 10 URLs (beyond the 10‑entry entitlement of a ‘standard’ client‑side license) are available @ $500 per block

    If you already have a license and need additional locations please contact support on about adding and removing locations.

  • Root domain addresses such as * are licensed per domain with the initial license including a single domain.

    The root domains from which licensed features are usable can be extended at any time. There is an additional cost for each domain:

    Additional root domain address masks (each)
    Additional root domain client‑side address masks are available @ $1500 per entry

    If you already have a license and need additional locations please contact support on about adding and removing locations.

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