Enhanced formatting

Providing the most professional levels of presentation is critical to successfully delivering information to both internal and external audiences and reinforcing your brand.

For organisations looking for finer control over formatting, the Enhanced formatting option enables highly customised, personalised and professional printing of browser‑based content. Enhanced formatting allows HTML snippets to be used within headers and footers, as well as delivering an enhanced page range specification.

Enhanced formatting requires ScriptX v7 or later and Internet Explorer 8 or later. It is a replacement for MaxiPT. MaxiPT is still available for those still dealing with older browsers.

Benefits of Enhanced formatting
  • Allows HTML snippets/images to be easily incorporated within headers and footers
  • Different headers and footers on the first page
  • Provides ability to vary header or footer dimensions for all pages or first pages only
  • Gives greater control over page range specification
Available for:
  • all ScriptX.Add-on client-side licenses
  • ScriptX.Add-on application license
  • all ScriptX.Services licenses
Technical specifications

The following printing settings can be used:


Please see the Enhanced formatting section of the Technical Reference.


Multiline Headers and Footers


Note: lines are wrapped for legibility

Not using Internet Explorer?

NEW ScriptX.Services has been developed by popular demand to bring consistent print formatting and appearance to Firefox, Chrome, Edge and Safari.

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