Consistent printing with ScriptX.Services

ScriptX.Services enables the consistent printed formatting and appearance of browser‑based content. It is our evolving cross‑browser solution, printing across the cloud and to printers connected to individual PC workstations or to on‑premise servers.

Whilst Internet Explorer for Windows is still a powerful and widely deployed corporate tool, many of our users told us that they wanted to use ScriptX's unique printing functionality in other browsers and on other platforms and devices.

ScriptX.Services is an evolution which continues to provide developers with the tools to ensure the consistent formatting and appearance of printed output regardless of a user's choice of device or browser. So for example, labels or badges can now be printed from a browser on a smartphone or tablet to a specified printer on an intranet.

To support today's browsers on any device, with ScriptX.Services we take the technology of ScriptX.Add‑on and deploy it behind a web API on a Windows server which can be running on the user's PC, on an intranet or on the public internet “in the Cloud”.

The interface accepts a stream of HTML to print and the settings to use and then passes those onto the print engine, which in turn prints the HTML to the specified or default printer with the settings provided such as headers, footers, margins, printer, paper size and so on. The HTML to be printed could be the current page in the browser but could also be HTML generated by scripting on the page or even HTML from a different URL entirely. Printing of PDF documents is also supported.

Promptless printing - as printing is carried out via the ScriptX.Services API, the browser's print dialog will not be shown, preventing users from inadvertently using settings that prevent a document from printing as intended. Alternatively developers can create their own print dialog using our freely available javascript libraries or hand-crafting a purposed, customised dialog or popup.

Please take a look at our introduction and guide which demonstrates how straightforward it is to incorporate ScriptX.Services into your existing web applications and take control of your printed output. The guide also discusses how existing ScriptX licensees using our MeadCoScriptXJS javascript wrapper library for ScriptX.Add‑on can easily modify their web applications to use ScriptX.Services. Click here for a walk-through illustration of converting a web page.


Our FREE cloud service provides for ‘printing’ to a PDF or XPS format file which is downloaded by the user. They may open, save or print the file - think of this as an easy way to provide a “download this page as a PDF/XPS document” facility on your website.

The cloud service is frictionless. There is nothing for your users to install, but they must have javascript enabled. They could be using any modern browser on any internet-connected device, from desktop PC to tablet or smartphone.

This service is available now at no cost but is subject to a fair-use policy. Click here to sign up for your free cloud service acccount.



The closest equivalent to the ScriptX Add‑on for Internet Explorer, the Microsoft Windows (x64) PC service provides for ‘printing’ to any print device available to the client Microsoft Windows (x64) PC.

Each user must install the service on their Windows PC. Content can then be printed from any modern browser or Internet Explorer 11.

We provide a migration path for all current licensees.


The on-premise service is completely under your own control hosted on your own Microsoft Windows (x64) Server and provides for ‘printing’ to any print device available to the server.

The service is frictionless. There is nothing for your users client device to install, but they must have javascript enabled. They may be using any modern browser on any device or Internet Explorer 11 on a Windows PC.

We provide a migration path for all current licensees.

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Using Internet Explorer?

ScriptX.Add‑on is our original solution to your printing conundrums and runs on Internet Explorer 6 to 11.

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