Consistent printing with ScriptX.Add-on

ScriptX.Add-on enables the consistent printed formatting and appearance of browser-based content. It is our original solution to your printing conundrums and runs on Internet Explorer 6‑11.

The ScriptX add-on for Internet Explorer uses a deep integration with the Internet Explorer UI and custom templates for IE's Trident print engine. This enables IE's print engine to be used by ScriptX to paginate the document and render to the print output device.

The add-on must be installed on each client PC - a process that in general requires Administrator privileges - and for advanced usage requires that a license is accepted and installed by each user of Internet Explorer.

To control the print process the developer writes script code to set required properties and call methods from the add-on to perform printing and other tasks.

Web applications that include frequent printing, for example medication labels or convention badges, can take advantage of promptless printing - printing takes place without IE's print dialog being shown.This results in increased productivity and avoids incorrectly formatted printing resulting from user intervention in the print dialog.

As well as working within Internet Explorer we developed ScriptX so that it could be used as an HTML print engine for applications, and for services such as Internet Information Services (IIS).

In other words, the print technology of ScriptX has been tried, tested and used over many years to prove its reliability and robustness.


Client-side working is currently our most popular flavor of deployment, with the ScriptX binary software and one - or more - organisations' publishing licenses installed and operational on many millions of client PCs worldwide.

There is no limit to the number of Windows workstations that can consume ScriptX-enabled browser-hosted content served to them from any location under the root URLs listed on a client-side publishing license.

On such content printing attributes have been defined and set in script, meaning that the output of each print job from every PC is guaranteed to be identical. Each user's default browser settings will be unaffected, and will be automatically restored on completion.

A FREE basic license is available that enables the setting of header & footer, orientation and margins, and the printing of browser window or framed content. Click here to order your free basic license.


Application licensing is used when ScriptX is to be deployed ‘bundled’ with any application that supports the use of COM components.

This use enables scenarios such as printing content from an embedded web browser control, printing content created on the fly, or printing content from a console application or service (i.e. content constructed dynamically within the application, or any arbitrary HTML document downloaded from a URL).

The ScriptX binary software and publishing license can be installed onto each Windows workstation as part of the host application's installation routine. Again, printing attributes have been defined and set in script, meaning that the output of each print job from every PC is guaranteed to be identical.

Take your pick of these optional extras

For even more capability, Mead & Co has developed a range of powerful cost options for ScriptX.
These are priced in addition to a ‘base’ ScriptX publishing license.


For organisations looking for finer control over formatting, the Enhanced Formatting option enables highly customised, personalised and professional printing of browser-based content.

Enhanced formatting allows HTML text snippets and images to be used within headers and footers, as well as offering an enhanced page range capability.

Available for client-side and application licensing.


Organisations rely on information stored in millions of Adobe Acrobat documents within their enterprises. However, printing PDFs from within Internet Explorer requires the installation of Adobe Acrobat Reader on every client computer yet provides little control.

The Enhanced PDF Working option solves these issues by providing a high degree of programmatic control over the printing of web-based PDF documents from Windows Internet Explorer clients within the enterprise. This improves the batching, appearance and consistency of printed PDFs. No Adobe software is needed on the client PC.

Available for client-side licensing only.


The Direct (RAW) Printing option has been created to enable printing to programmable devices such as thermal label printers. It bypasses Internet Explorer's print engine and sends EPL/ZPL control language or strings of printer control codes directly to the printer.

This brings many specialist printing scenarios to web based applications that are hosted in Windows Internet Explorer, or to applications using the Windows Web Browser platform.

Hundreds of organisations rely on ScriptX to print mission critical labels. Making this process simple, straightforward and efficient for users avoids wastage and speeds up printing.

Available for client-side and application licensing.


For security reasons users are required to manually accept licensing conditions that are displayed the first-ever time they visit licensed ScriptX-enabled content. When rolling out ScriptX across thousands of client computers, this can significantly increase calls to support from concerned users.

The ‘Silent’ installation option minimises support calls by defeating a publishing license's mandatory prompt and auto-installing it without requiring the user's acceptance. ‘Silent’ works solely on internal web addresses and cannot be enabled on those licenses whose validation list includes any publicly-accessible Internet addresses.

Available for client-side licensing only.

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Not using Internet Explorer?

NEW ScriptX.Services has been developed by popular demand to bring consistent print formatting and appearance to Firefox, Chrome, Edge and Safari.

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