ScriptX.Services On‑Premise

ScriptX.Services on-premise service consists of two applications/servers: ScriptX Server is the back-end system and print engine for ScriptX.Services and ScriptX.Services provides the web API interface that users will call for printing.

ScriptX Server

To upgrade to the latest version ( of ScriptX Server, download and run the installer. After running the installer you will need to re-configure the run‑as identity for MeadCo TriPrint Server.


To upgrade to the latest version ( of ScriptX.Services, download the latest package, unzip to a suitable location and run the .cmd file.


ScriptX.Services for Intel Core Windows PC

We are currently working on completing ScriptX.Services for Windows PC. Please check back here for details when it is available.

Using Internet Explorer?

ScriptX.Add‑on is our original solution to your printing conundrums and runs on Internet Explorer 6 to 11.

Show me ScriptX.Add‑on