A basic use of ScriptX.Add-on is available at no charge. It includes the abilities to set margins, headers and footers and launch print or preview in (javascript) code.

ScriptX.Services for Cloud is also available at no charge and includes the ability to fully control the print experience for printing HTML to PDF.

All other versions of ScriptX - that's ScriptX.Add-on with Advanced Features, ScriptX.Services and ScriptX Server - require a purchased license.

MeadCo Security Manager takes care of licensing for each of these products by validating that required claims such as the ability to use Advanced Printing features are satisfied by a license that the product has been asked to use.

All of this means it is critical that licensing works efficiently and effectively.

Deployment Guides

Need help deploying a recently purchased or upgraded ScriptX License then a deployment guide is here to help you:

ScriptX.Services for Windows PC
ScriptX.Services for On-Premise Devices / ScriptX Server
ScriptX.Services for Cloud


For detailed technical information see Security Manager Technical Reference.